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Does Your Cardiologist Say You Need Open Heart Surgery

You need open heart surgery – those words from your cardiologist can send shivers down your spine. But in actuality every year, this procedure saves many lives. Open heart surgery is used to treat numerous heart conditions and heart disease. Your cardiologist may also recommend open heart surgery when other less invasive treatments have become […]

Cardiologist Soon to Have State of the Art Hypertension Treatment

On November 14, 2013, the European Heart Journal published a clinical article discussing the state of the art hypertension treatments that are currently being established and the new drugs. It seems third generation calcium channel blockers actually reduce the incidence of chlorthalidone and peripheral oedema and they are definitely a more effective treatment option than […]

Recent Study Reveals Result Of Cardiologists Ablating Atrial Chamber

The results of a recent study have grabbed the interest of cardiologists and patients with atrial fibrillation. Researchers report that ablating the atrial chamber to prevent atrial fibrillation seems to not be any worse a treatment than the standard ablation method triggers suspected in the pulmonary veins. The study involved 58 patients who received circumferential […]

Cardiologists Can Now Use Watchman Device for Stroke Prevention

The FDA panel voted 13-1 that the benefit to using the Watchman device outweigh the potential risks. This left atrial appendage closure technology can now be used for preventing ischemic strokes, as well as, reducing the bleeding risk in nonvalvular atrial fibrillation patients and systemic embolism Richard A. Lange, from the University of Texas, was […]

Cardiologist Hope To Spread Awareness Anxiety Linked To Stroke

The American Heart Association has just released the results of a study that confirms anxiety is linked to a higher risk of stroke. The study was funded by the National Institute of Mental Health and the National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute. Cardiologists want to make sure that this information reaches the general population. Anxiety […]

Ultrasound Cardiology Of Venous Thrombosis

Venous thrombosis is a condition which is made up of a combination of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. It’s one of the most common cardiac disorders, in fact ranking as the third most common condition right below ACS (acute coronary syndrome) and stroke. Venous thrombosis is a medical condition that is quite often overlooked, […]

Valvular Stenosis

The heart is an amazing organ with complex anatomy and physiology allowing blood to be pumped throughout our body thousands of times per day. The blood pumps through four chambers of the heart that are protected by valves. These valves allow blood to flow forward through the heart in one direction and prevent backward leakage, […]

Treatment Options For Angina Related Heart Disorders

According to a recent research report released by a U.S medical university, each year in the United States around 20,000 people develop angina for the first time. The report also says that this number is likely to go up in the coming years. A significant percentage of people with angina are those above 50. The […]

The Difficulty Of Diagnosing Bradycardia

Bradycardia is a condition in which a person’s heart rate is too slow. Many factors affect what exactly qualifies as too slow, including age and physique, but the standard for most adults is less than 60 beats per minute (BPM) being regarded as slow. However, for many adults and athletes, these numbers are seen without […]

What Is An Aneurysm?

Even though the arteries within your body are supposed to be able to withstand the pressure that comes with the heart’s pumping action, they can become weak. This is when aneurysms, an abnormal bulge in the artery, can form. When the artery forms this bulge, the walls of that artery become thinner which can burst […]

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