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Category Archives for Blog | Cardiology Mesa, Tempe | Cardiologist Chandler & Gilbert AZ

Welcome to the AZ Heart Doctor Blog!

AZ Heart Doctor cares deeply about you. Here you will find information on heart conditions, treatments, and practice news. Thanks for visiting!

What is a Cardiac Ultrasound?

A cardiac ultrasound is a useful tool for cardiologists in Phoenix to determine a variety of issues going on with the heart. The cardiac ultrasound, also known as the echocardiogram, has been one of the most widely used diagnostic tests for determining the existence of heart disease for over 50 years. Every year there are […]

Diagnosis and Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation

An irregular heart rate that is often rapid in pace, causing poor blood flow and circulation throughout the body is known as atrial fibrillation.  Heart palpitations, a shortness of breath and weakness or fatigue are often symptoms of this condition. Episodes of atrial fibrillation may arrive periodically or a person may develop a chronic condition.  […]

What Exactly is a Stress Test

A stress test is also referred to as an exercise test. The main goal of a stress test with a Phoenix cardiologist is to gather critical data used to assess how the heart works while the body is engaged in physical activity. Physical exertion causes the heart to pump blood faster and with more force […]

The Importance of a General Cardiology Check Up

The early stages of coronary artery disease often reveal no signs or symptoms.  The disease develops gradually and often at a slow pace, resulting in long periods of time with little to no noticeable symptoms.  As a result, it may not be until a routine cardiology check up takes place that your Phoenix cardiologist finds […]

Event Monitor Testing for Arrhythmias – from a Phoenix Cardiologist

A cardiac event monitor is a device used to perform an event monitor test, which records and examines the functioning of the heart. An event monitor is also commonly referred to as a 30-day heart event monitor, 24-hour monitor and an ECG event monitor. Why is Event Monitoring Testing Performed? Event monitor testing’s main use […]

Testing for Carotid Artery Disease – info from a Cardiologist Mesa AZ

When fatty plaque deposits line the carotid arteries, causing blockages and narrowed space, problems can arise.  This condition is known as carotid artery disease and affects a large percentage of the population.  Plaque buildup within the arteries puts those affected at risk for restricted blood supply to the brain resulting in the increased likelihood of […]

Coronary Artery Disease Testing with a Phoenix Cardiologist Coronary Artery Disease Testing with a Phoenix Cardiologist

If your cardiologist suspects coronary artery disease, testing may be required.  Coronary artery disease may develop gradually and can be difficult to pinpoint without testing. Coronary artery disease is the hardening and narrowing of the coronary arteries due to the build up of plaque and waxy cholesterol debris along the walls of the arteries.  The […]

Treatment Options for Carotid Artery Disease

Carotid artery disease is caused by plaque and waxy build up that corrodes the artery walls causing a narrowing of the passageway and restricted blood flow to the brain.  In the most severe cases of this disease, flexibility of the arteries is decreased, the walls become hardened and the passageway narrowed.  Stroke is likely for […]

How Are Arrhythmias Treated? Info from a Phoenix Cardiologist

A heart arrhythmia is a rhythm problem that develops when the electrical impulses in the heart do not work effectively.  The irregular heartbeat prompts the heart to take on a rapid or excessively slow beat.  It can also beat erratically. A typical heart arrhythmia feels like a fluttering in the chest and can be troublesome […]

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